Center of Health Wellness Center  
Our Mission

The mission of Circle of Health Wellness Center is to create an  environment in which clients can  experience healing through massage and other holistic modalities, while learning  how to gain control of their own health.  Circle of Health Wellness Center approaches health as a wellness of body, mind, and spirit.   Our client's welfare is our number one priority.  If our client's health needs are outside our professional scope we will work with them to find the resources necessary for them to decide how best to get their health needs met.Accept

We are wheelchair/ADA accessible and have a power lift massage table available.

Mabon – Autumn Equinox 2013

Summer has turned the page, but with a last blast of firey heat and humidity.  The moderate temperatures of autumn are a welcome relief.  Autumn is the season of balance through change.  It is the season of beautiful color changes on the leaves of the trees as the harvest time goes into full swing.  The abundance of the earth is everywhere even as we fall around the sun into the dark half of the year.  Autumn is the transitional time to the quiet of winter, the Yin time of the cycle.  We can gain much wisdom when we realize we have a lot to learn by living in harmony with change and the rhythm and cycles of the year.  We resist change and wish to stop time but paradoxically, the only constant is the pattern of change.  Autumn is the time to embrace change and transition, to get in the flow of what needs to move in life and letting go of what is not needed.

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